Fellowship Responsibilities 2020-2021

Formal Presentations

These Power Point presentations will be videoed and linked from our web site at UMC. They are intended for you to use in the future for educational purposes. They are given on Friday afternoons during the Resident’s Academic Afternoons and are attended by faculty, residents and medical students and local Athletic Trainers. They will also be recorded and used for rural teaching and placed on the CCHS web-site.

8/14/20 Pre-participation Physical Exams
9/11/20 Exertional Heat Stroke
10/16/20 Concussion
11/13/20 Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
12/18/20 Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes
1/15/21 Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome (REDS)
2/19/21 Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction
3/24/21 Performance Enhancing Drugs
4/23/21 Exercise Prescription
5/21/21 Behavioral Health in Sport
6/11/21 Sports Nutrition

Friday Morning Journal Club- Medical

These are articles to be presented at 6:30 on Friday mornings. They are located in the Dean’s Conference room at UMC. They are attended by all faculty, residents and medical students on a Sports Medicine rotation, and any interested individuals. You are responsible for finding an article on the given subject from the list of AMSSM top 120 articles (amssm.blogspot.com/p/amssm-100.html) if available and e-mailing it to all parties (including residents and medical students on the rotation, and former Fellows) on Sunday before the week to be discussed. Each Fellow does one week at a time.

7/10/20 Emergency Action Plan
7/17/20 Exertional Heat Stroke
7/23/20 Concussion- 2019 AMSSM position statement
7/31/20 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
8/7/20 Cervical Spinal cord Injuries/management
8/14/20 Sudden Unexplained Death
8/21/20 Exercise collapse associated with sickle cell trait-ECAST
8/28/20 Adaptive Athletes
9/4/20 Mononucleosis
9/11/20 Altitude Illness
9/18/20 Altitude Training/Adaptations
9/25/20 Comotio Cordis
10/2/20 Hypertension in Athletes
10/9/20 Vocal Cord Dysfunction
10/16/20 Diabetes in Athletes
10/23/20 Pneumothorax/Pneumomediastinum
10/30/20 Aging Athlete
11/6/20 Drug Testing
11/13/20 Jet Lag
11/20/20 Exercise Induced Asthma- IOC Consensus Statement
12/11/20 Behavioral Health
12/18/20 Costochondritis
1/8/21 Gender Issues
1/15/21 Hyponatremia in Endurance Sports
1/22/21 GI issues in Sports
1/29/21 Weight Limited Sports (Wrestling)/ Guidelines-Rules
2/4/21 Overtraining/Burn-out
2/10/21 Exercise and Immune Function
2/19/21 Mass Participation Event Coverage
2/26/21 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
3/12/21 Weight Training for the Young Athlete
3/26/21 Exercise Induced Urticaria
4/2/21 Pregnancy- ACOG guidelines
4/9/21 Athletic Amenorrhea
4/23/21 Anemia/Iron Deficiency
4/29/21 Eye Injuries
5/6/21 Hematuria/Proteinuria
5/14/21 ENT Injuries
5/21/21 Scuba Diving Medicine
5/28/21 Sleep deficiency effect on exercise
6/11/21 Sports Medicine Administration
6/18/21 Legal Issues
6/25/21 Headaches in Athletes

Journal Club- MSK

These are articles on musculoskeletal injuries, conditions or problems that interest you. They will be discussed on Monday, Tuesday after the conclusion of clinic duties. Also on Thursday mornings. The article should be e-mailed to me and any residents or medical students on the rotation and ALL former Fellows at least 2 days prior to the discussion. Thursday mornings are for other educational opportunities including exam skills, ultrasound training, and other topics of interest. The Thursday morning educational sessions will start at 8:30 am.

The following topics are mandatory:

7/2/20 Knee Exam & Injections
7/2/20 Knee Braces
7/2/20 Basic Science: Bone
7/2/20 Nutrition: Vitamin D
7/6/20 Basic Science: Muscle/tendon
7/7/20 Basic Science-Ligament
7/9/20 Shoulder Exam & Injections/ Knee exam practical
7/9/20 Shoulder Braces
7/9/20 Basic Science: corticosteroids
7/9/20 WADA: Corticosteroids
7/13/20 Basic Science: NSAIDs
7/14/20 Basic Science: Quinolones
7/16/20 Basic Science: Stem Cells
7/16/20 Basic Science: PRP
7/16/20 Ankle Exam & Injection/Shoulder Exam practical
7/16/20 Ankle Braces
7/20/20 Basic Science: Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate
7/21/20 Basic Science: Hyaluronic Acid
7/23/20 Lumbar and Cervical Spine Exam
7/23/20 Lumbar and Cervical Injections
7/23/20 Lumbar Braces
7/23/20 Waddel Signs
7/27/20 ACL
7/28/20 PCL
7/30/20 SCAT 5 Mechanics
7/30/20 Nutrition: Omega-3 fatty acids
7/30/20 Helmet Fitting
8/3/20 MCL
8/4/20 LCL
8/6/20 Hip Exam/Spine practical
8/6/20 Meniscus
8/6/20 VOMS mechanics
8/10/20 Articular Cartilage
8/11/20 OCDs in the knee
8/13/20 Elbow Exam/ Spine practical
8/13/20 Elbow Braces
8/13/20 Osgood-Schlatter’s
8/13/20 International Criteria for ECG interpretation in athletes
8/17/20 Sindling-Larsen-Johansen’s Disease
8/18/20 Patellar Dislocation/Subluxation
8/20/20 Foot Exam /Elbow practical
8/20/20 Rib fractures
8/20/20 WADA: Stimulants
8/24/20 Knee Dislocation
8/25/27 Anterior Tibial Stress Fracture
8/27/20 Hand/Wrist/Finger Exam/ Foot & Ankle practical
8/27/20 Wrist and finger splints
8/27/20 Patellar Tendon Rupture
8/27/20 WADA: Beta Blockers
8/31/20 Patellar Tendinosis
9/1/20 Anterior Knee Pain
9/3/20 Ultrasound Basics/Knobology/ Hand & Wrist practical
9/3/20 AC Sprains
9/3/20 WADA: narcotics
9/7/20 Clavicle Fractures
9/8/20 Tarsal Navicular Stress Fractures
9/10/20 Competency test: Knobology
9/10/20 Metacarpal Fractures
9/10/20 WADA: Cannabinoids
9/14/20 UCL Sprain Thumb
9/15/20 Finger Fractures
9/17/20 Ultrasound Evaluation: Wrist
9/17/20 Athletic Pubalgia
9/17/20 WADA: B2 agonists
9/21/20 Finger Ligament and tendon injuries
9/22/20 Lateral Ankle Sprains
9/24/20 Competency test: wrist
9/24/20 Medial Ankle Injuries
9/24/20 WADA: Diuretics and Masking agents
9/28/20 High Ankle Sprains
9/29/20 Syndesmosis injuries
10/1/20 Ultrasound evaluation: shoulder
10/1/20 Trigger Finger
10/1/20 WADA: Anabolic agents
10/5/20 Shoulder Dislocations/Subluxations
10/6/20 Os Trigone syndrome
10/8/20 Competency test: shoulder
10/8/20 Lauge-Hansen Classification of Ankle Fractures
10/8/20 Weber Classification of Ankle Fractures
10/8/20 WADA: Peptide hormones, growth factors
10/12/20 Lis Franc injuries
10/13/20 Jones fracture
10/15/20 Ultrasound Evaluation: Elbow
10/15/20 Haglund’s Deformity
10/15/20 WADA: Hormone and metabolic modulators
10/19/20 Turf Toe
10/20/20 Cuboid Syndrome
10/22/20 Competency test: Elbow
10/22/20 Sesamoid injuries
10/22/20 WADA: Manipulation
10/26/20 Hallux rigidus
10/27/20 MOT: myositis ossificans traumatica
10/29/20 Ultrasound Evaluation of foot and ankle
10/29/20 Benign bone tumors
10/29/20 WADA: Gene doping
11/2/20 Sever’s Disease
11/3/20 Entrapment Neuropathies- Lower Extremity
11/5/20 Competency test: Foot and Ankle
11/5/20 Achilles Tear
11/5/20 WADA Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)
11/9/20 Plantar Fasciitis
11/10/20 Malignant Bone Tumors
11/12/20 Ultrasound Evaluation: Knee
11/12/20 Iselin’s Disease
11/16/20 Shin Splints
11/17/20 Paget-Schroetter Disease/TOS
11/19/20 Competency Test: Knee
11/19/20 Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome
11/23/20 Exertional Compartment Syndrome Lower Extremity
11/24/20 FAI
11/30/20 Hip Labral Injuries
12/1/20 Spengel’s Deformity
12/7/20 Femoral Neck Stress Fractures
12/8/20 SCFE
12/10/20 Ultrasound Evaluation: Hip
12/10/20 Hamstring Avulsions
12/10/20 Pelvic Avulsion Fractures
12/10/20 Pubic Rami Stress Fractures
12/14/20 Legg-Calve-Perthes
12/15/20 Scoliosis
12/17/20 Ultrasound Guided Injections
12/17/20 Spinal Stenosis
1/4/21 SI Joint
1/5/21 Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis
1/7/21 Kissing spine
1/7/21 HNP
1/7/21 Vertebral Compression Fractures
1/11/21 Scheuermann’s Disease
1/12/21 Rotator Cuff Tears
1/14/21 Scapular Fractures
1/14/21 IOC consensus statement on pain
1/19/21 Scapular Mechanics
1/21/21 Pitch Count Rules
1/21/21 Pitching Mechanics
1/21/21 IOC Consensus Statement on Youth Development
1/25/21 Impingement Syndrome
1/26/21 GIRD
1/28/21 Nutrition: IOC Consensus Statement on Supplements
1/28/21 Nutrition: Creatine
2/2/21 Tibial tubercle fracture
2/4/21 Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
2/4/21 Wrestling skin disorders
2/4/21 Wrestling Skin Forms
2/8/21 Labral Tears
2/9/21 Ganglion- wrist
2/15/21 Little Leaguer’s Shoulder
2/16/21 Plica Syndrome
2/18/21 Frozen Shoulder
2/18/21 Nutrition: Carbohydrates
2/22/21 Proximal Biceps Tendon Injuries
2/23/21 Distal Biceps Tendon Injuries
2/25/21 UCL Injuries Elbow
2/25/21 Testicular Injuries
2/25/21 Nutrition: Protein
3/8/21 Olecranon Stress Fractures
3/9/21 Panner’s Disease
3/11/21 Lateral Epicondylitis
3/11/21 Nutrition: Fats
3/22/21 Medial Elbow pain in youth sports
3/25/21 Valgus Extension Overload
3/25/21 Exercise Physiology: Energy Systems
3/29/21 Ulnar Nerve entrapments and neuritis
3/30/21 Elbow Dislocations
4/1/21 Radial Head Fractures
4/1/21 Exercise Physiology: Cardiac Responses
4/5/21 Osteitis Pubis
4/6/21 Forearm Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome
4/8/21 Cold Injuries
4/8/21 Exercise Physiology: Body Composition
4/19/21 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
4/20/21 DRUJ Injuries/TFCC
4/15/21 ECU Injuries
4/22/21 Median nerve entrapment syndromes
4/22/21 Exercise Physiology: Exercise Prescription
4/26/21 Radial Nerve Entrapment syndromes
4/27/21 Scaphoid Fracture
5/3/21 Scapho-Lunate Instability
5/4/21 Ulnar Variance
5/6/21 Kienbock’s Disease
5/6/21 Exercise Physiology
5/10/21 DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis
5/11/21 Parsonage-Turner Syndrome
5/13/21 Hook of Hamate fracture
5/13/21 Anatomy: Upper Extremity
5/17/21 Popliteus tendinitis
5/18/21 Thumb Metacarpal Fractures
5/20/21 Other Vascular entrapments of lower extremity
5/20/21 Anatomy: Lower Extremity
5/24/21 Iliotibial Band Syndrome
5/25/21 Hoffa’s Disease
5/27/21 Nutrition
6/7/21 Snapping Hip
6/10/21 Nutrition
6/10/21 Trochanteric Bursitis
6/14/21 Calcaneal Stress Fractures
6/15/21 Sacral Stress Fractures
6/17/21 Nutrition
6/21/21 Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction
6/22/21 TBD

Other Didactics

7/6/20 Completion of SafeSport education module (after April 30th)
Register and complete course, certificate should be sent no later than 7/6/20
7/8/20 ACLS and Airway Management in Football Players
7/1/20-7/31/20 BJSM on-line course: ECG in Athletes (all 5 modules)
July 2020 ITE
February 2021 ITE
Monthly Lunch and Learn- review of current monthly Sports medicine journals. Third Tuesday of each month at noon.

Mandatory Meeting

12/2/20-12/6/20 Advanced Team Physician Course- Baltimore, MD
4/12/21-4/18/21 AMSSM Annual Meeting – San Diego, CA
Case Abstract Deadline: TBD
6/1/21-6/5/21 ACSM Annual Meeting – Washington, DC
6/23/21-6/27/21 Graduation Weekend trip

Other Responsibilities

  1. Practice Improvement Tool-Develop an idea to help improve the practice of Sports Medicine or Preventive Medicine that can be utilized in your clinic, and UMC
  2. Research project to be presented at the end of the Fellowship. The project must be completed prior to Graduation in order to complete the Fellowship.
  3. Case Presentation Poster/Podium presentation (or research poster) at both AMSSM annual meeting and ACSM annual meeting. Make sure deadlines for submission of abstracts are met.
  4. Presentation at ALATA annual meeting in May (if no conflict)
  5. Membership in both ACSM and AMSSM if not already
  6. University of Alabama Pre-Participation Physicals- 8/21/20
  7. Shelton State Community College Pre-Participation Physicals
  8. DCH Sports Medicine Pre-Participation Physicals
  9. Hot Hundred Bike Race: 7/25/20
  10. Alabama Sports Festival- 7/31/20- 8/2/20
  11. Boxing/MMA Physicals and fight coverage- TBA
  12. Tuscaloosa Half Marathon: March 2021
  13. AHSAA North-South All Star football game 7/16/20
  14. Saturday Morning Injury Clinic: August-November
  15. High School Friday Night Football Game Coverage: August- November
  16. Super 7 State High School Football Championships (Auburn)-
  17. State High School Basketball Championship Tournament Coverage (Birmingham)- 3/1/21-3/6/21
  18. State High School Wrestling Weigh-in- October-December 2019
  19. State High School Wrestling Super Section (Montgomery, Birmingham) 2/5/21-2/6/21
  20. State High School Wrestling Tournament (Huntsville)- 2/11/21-2/13/21
  21. State High School Track and Field Championships (Gulf Shores, Cullman) 4/29/21-45/1/21
  22. State High School Soccer Championships (Huntsville) 5/7/21-5/8/21
  23. High School Wednesday Afternoon Athletic Training Room: August- November
  24. University of Alabama Athletic Team Event Coverage: Football, Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Softball
  25. University of Alabama Club Hockey game coverage
  26. University of Alabama Theater and Dance Department Dance Clinics- Tuesday afternoons @ 5:30pm
  27. University of Alabama Wheelchair Basketball Coverage
  28. SEC Football Officials Physicals- 7/23/20-7/24/20
  29. Good Samaritan Clinic- every other Thursday evening at the Good Sam Clinic on Watermelon Road.